Children's Charters

The Susie J. II is ready to take you and your family on a fishing outing specifically designed for children. This type of trip is the perfect way to introduce your children to the excitement of sport fishing.

The Susie J. II offers "hourly trips" for children based on how long you want to stay on the water. These trips are offered on an hourly basis of two hours or more. Trips can be extended if the schedule permits..

We enjoy taking the next generation of aspiring anglers out to experience the joy of fishing and to learn about the local waters. Trips will be within a four mile distance from the coastline. The targeted species are: stiped bass, bluefish, flounder, sea bass and sand sharks. We will either troll or jig on the bottom. There are no age limits. However, there must be one adult over the age of 18 to be responsible for the children. We allow a maximum of 5 people aboard on these trips; however usually there will only be no more than 4 fishing at a time. This is due to deck space and safety.

Captain David Jurewicz, U.S.C.G. Master/Towing Mariner # 2763979.   Cell: 617-417-5992   Email:
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