The Rules

All children are welcome! Children ages eleven and younger are required to wear their life jackets at ALL times while on the vessel.
At no time are illegal drugs, hard liquor, or wepons permitted on your person or the vessel.
At no time are you allowed to smoke on the Susie J. II or on the docks in the harbor.

Susie J. Sport Fishing Charters offers top quality fishing equipment to guests at no charge.
Guests are responsible for the loss of rods and reels..
As anglers ourselves, we expect to lose hooks, rigs, and weights but not rods and reels.

The captain reserves the right to cancel a trip due to unsafe conditions or mechanical issues.
Typically, the day before a trip you would be notified if there were unsafe conditions or if a mechanical issue arose.
The trip would be rescheduled, or your deposit would be returned.
If a charter trip member(s) becomes intoxicated or has broken the rules of the vessel, as determined by the captain, the boat will return to port without any refund.

Captain David Jurewicz, U.S.C.G. Master/Towing Mariner # 2763979.   Cell: 617-417-5992   Email:
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